Friday, December 9, 2011

Night Night Babies

Another epic night and day in Flickinger-topia. Buster was a real charmer today. He took his binki out while I sang him to sleep and sang with me. He sang "night, night baby" with me a few times then put his binki back in for the "its time to go to bed" part. Very cute. My little chamber choir is growing nicely. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The month of November did not exist. Not really anyway. Its December now. I am more thankful for and in love with my husband and kids than ever. Michael is the most dedicated husband, father and employee. My respect and admiration for him is not easily put to words. Its December now, we're looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday and getting a tree soon.

I'm also thankful for sunsets. Eva and Kaitlyn love sunsets, and I love that they see how beautiful the natural world God created is. And snow, and mountains, and the moon and rainbows. All things the girls get excited about, and they always give credit to Jesus and his hand. Today Kaitlyn and Eva told me that God made the sunset, and he also made them. He "put their ears on" maybe He assembled them like a big potato head.