Monday, April 30, 2012

Postpartum Remedies

After my first 2 deliveries I didn't know all that much about natural health or healing. I've been learning bits here and there since I got married but I'm starting to feel much more competent in practicing what I've learned. After Goosey's delivery I had a second degree tear. It felt like nothing compared my bruising, swelling and tearing that I had after Noah's delivery. 

**A note to all pregnant Mommas out there, don't push until you're ready, and when you are ready, take it easy as your body tells you what to do and how to do it. We were designed to push babies out, not obey a drill sergeant nurse's commands... but thats another story. ;)**

With four very busy little ones I wanted to help my body heal as quickly as possible. Here are some of the things that I did: (And they really helped! I was healed down there in about 2 weeks, versus months and months after Noah.)

My baby crew
- I ate high fat, high protein meals to help bring my milk in and my body to recover. Including lots of grass fed butter and coconut oil.

-I added a few drops of lavender oil to my peri bottle and used it every time that I was in the bathroom. Lavender helped to relieve the stinging pain. It also speeds healing and kept out infection. 

- I made a decoction of comfrey and used my peri bottle to rinse with that once or twice a day the first 2 weeks (or as I remembered).

-A decocotion is basically an herbal tea that you steep for a very long time to extract as much of the medicinal qualities of the herb as possible.

-Comfrey is a great herb to have in your home! Comfrey contains allantoin, which helps to reduce inflammation. Often called "bone knitter" it also helps skin to knit back together. I first heard of it from an Amish friend last summer. My midwife and her colleagues suggested it to me too. It is amazing stuff. I absolutely noticed a difference after using it.

- I poured the comfrey decoction onto maxi pads and froze them, later using them as ice packs. Its chilly but feels good!

- I applied raw honey to the stitches nightly. In our house raw honey is the only anti-biotic ointment that we use. It has aided in the quick healing of every significant cut in our household. Even my husband swears by raw honey. 

- I took "large" doses of vitamin D 4,000-6,000.

- I took prenatal doses of calcium and magnesium to help with the after pains. Don't under estimate calcium and magnesium for pain relief of muscle spasms. It even helps labor to go smoother and less painfully.

- I RESTED! My wonderful mom and mom in law took turns coming up to stay with us over the first 2 weeks. Rest is the most important part of post partum healing.

- I drank red raspberry leaf tea to help my uterus go back to its happy smaller state.

And thats about it! Oh! I was able to take one bath at my mothers house, it was LOVELY! I dissolved a cup of celtic sea salt into the tub and added a pot of rosemary and comfrey decoction with lavender oil. All kinds of wonderful things to keep inflammation down and speed healing up. Plus I smelled really nice. It might seem like a lot to do or prepare but it was all really easy and I'm so thankful for the wisdom my midwife shared regarding healing.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One for the books!

Today was a day of doing. A day I want to look back and say to my kids, "hey I survived motherhood, you will too!"

We were all (almost all kids) showered, fed real food, home-schooled, I did ALL the dishes (by hand, you see Satan has sent rodents as predator drones to destroy our infrastructure continually), Michael tilled the garden, I laid new landscaping fabric out front and spread mulch, we read a bedtime story, sang "there is a redeemer" three times and I didn't lose my temper with the kids once.

Days like these are unheard of, like a hopeful dream of a dream. I even brushed my teeth before noon!

We also bought two apple trees to start a mini orchard. I even had a dear friend stop by for coffee. Thank God for days like these to hold onto when we feel like we're failing and drowning in the continuous cycle of life and the children/house/spouse needs.

Its only 9:20, I've already eaten my dinner and it was even grass-fed beef. My husband forgot to put baby spinach on my girls sandwiches and when they were finished eating they realized his folly and asked for some to eat ala carte. LOVE those kids!

They also ate dirt today, K was using dirt as "pretend toothpaste," way to be creative K.

Now its time for herbal tea and newborn nursing.

Thank you Lord for such a sweet, productive day.