Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Miracle!

Since Michael and I were married my prayer for our life was that our children would see God work in miraculous ways. My heart's desire was for them to know and love a living God, who still gives life, miracles and healing today. I once heard of a little girl at a conference who told some man, "I'll be praying for you! And I know how, because my Mommy is an intercessor and she taught me!" I thought to myself, I hope that I can teach my little girls to intercede like that.

They are just two year and a half years old and I am rejoicing that this prayer is being answered! Over the course of the last several months my daughters and I have poured our hearts out to God together for little Mayah, the orphan in Ukraine. We have asked him to miraculously provide the finances needed to bring her home, we have asked him to keep her heart soft, capable of receiving and giving love. Yesterday afternoon I announced to my daughters that God had done a true miracle and that Mayah's mommy and daddy now have enough money to bring their little girl home! Many people from all over the country came together and one couple gave $3,000 to see Mayah home. Kaitlyn and Eva were so happy! Genuinely happy. We praised God and sang the Veggie Tales song "Its a Miracle" and "Oh How I love Jesus." What more could I ask for as a mother? My little ones are seeing God work! And they have actually been a part of His work! Wow, all I can do is praise Him. :)

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