Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journeying to Complete Health

This story starts with me and my GIANT thyroid, and I do mean giant. You can see it bulging from my throat. After some preliminary blood work to determine thyroid function came back normal I went to a rather unfriendly endocrinologist in Indiana seeking consultation on the reason my thyroid was so large. Perhaps I had cancer, maybe my thyroid really wasn't functioning well...

This Doctor was almost no help to me at all. I learned three things, my thyroid is moderately large, I have some small lumps (goiter) on it and it is functioning normally for now.

Wow... Thanks doc... He also said the goiter could be cancer but its probably not and if it was I probably wouldn't die from it... Ok... So some of you may be thinking that this information was sufficient for me. Well, it wasn't nor should it have been. He asked me no questions about my diet, lifestyle or stress level, nor did he explain to me that when a thyroid is enlarged the pituitary glad will often work double duty to keep thyroid levels normal for a period of years until it can no longer maintain the balance and the thyroid levels drop, requiring synthroid.

I'd rather avoid this so for now I've decided to start adding a little organic kelp powder to my meals each day. I ordered it from The Bulk Herb Store

Kelp is naturally high in iodine and iodine is critical for proper thyroid function. Furthermore, lack of iodine can result in nodules on the thyroid, which I have. Because Iodine is depleted from our soil it is often added to table salt and labeled thusly. Well, we don't eat table salt here. In fact, we've been eating kosher salt or sea salt for years and I believe that it's likely that I have an iodine deficiency. I believe that lots of people suffer from iodine deficiencies. 

Some other fun facts about iodine via kelp is that it taste's like the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium. My first attempt at consumption was to mix it with apple juice. FAIL! Yesterday I added it to a grilled provolone and tomato sandwich with fresh chopped garlic and Italian herbs, thankfully I wasn't able to taste it. Today, trying the Matt Getz approach, I added it to my taco with a heavy dose of Cholula hot sauce. I realize that I need to be consuming more than just a dash once a day but for now a little here and there will get me used to the aquarium flavor and in time I hope to have a happier thyroid. :-)

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