Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having Fun and Calling it School

Having fun and calling it school, thats what homeschooling for preschool is. Today we pulled out some great birthday presents the girls received and had "school." It wasn't hard or painful because preschool really is fun!

Kaitlyn and Eva learned all about how seeds grow into flowers, herbs and tomatoes. They got to play with dirt, use their minds and hands to learn and of course, had fun the entire time. Their chubby little fingers pressed the seeds into the dirt and they carefully added just the right amount of water to their tiny pots. 

When we visited daddy at the Commonplace (coffee shop) the very first thing they told him was that they had planted seeds into pots! They even told him which seeds they planted and how they did it. I don't know what elementary schooling will hold for us, but for now, we like to have fun and call it school.    

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