Saturday, May 28, 2011

A quick update!

Our life has been moving so fast and that I haven't had any time to write it down! We totally rocked the girls birthday party. It was wonderful, to God be the glory! There is nothing that I love more than cooking and enjoying time with friends and family. We pulled off the entire menu that was mention in a previous post and I managed to whip up some tasty gravy too. :)

Humble beginnings
In the time since then I dug and planted a garden (mostly) from organic heirloom seeds. I can't wait to see it grow. The girls absolutely helped me. They love to help, I think they feel like more of a contributing member of the family when they actually help, and they actually do help. I didn't think they'd be legitimately helpful until they were 4 or 5 years old but they're just three and have great joy in being mommy's helpers. Tonight they even put their shoes on the rack without anyone asking them. Its hard for me to remember simple things like that so I have to give them credit! They're always tossing Noah's diapers in the trash or retrieving a binki for him or getting him a toy. They even argue over who gets to feed him yogurt.

Full-body coloring!

In the last few days I planted 15 strawberry seedlings, 2 lavender plants, 6 tomato plants and some other stuff. I also fenced our garden to keep evil bunnies out. Yes those evil bunnies! Sharon, in her awesomeness, came by and helped me transplant several hostas too! We had a nice cookout today with my in-laws, parents and brother in laws. We've been busy, we've all been learning and the girls have even had a few official preschool lessons. All in all I am relishing this sweet season of my life. Today I stood inside helping Kaitlyn go potty and was able to peer out the window at my family all together enjoying themselves. I was moved with thankfulness. God has given me such beautiful living blessings and I'm so thankful that He has also given me a measure of wisdom and strength to love and care for them. He is so good!
Springs first flowers

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