Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Weeds and seeds.
This is how I imagine many a garden starts.
With a shovel and some determination.
This is after a days work of "tilling" with my shovel. Eva and Kait helped a lot their their shovels.
Planted and fenced.

Pumpkin and watermelon sprouts.
Pumpkins now. 

LOTS of tomatoes.

This summer I dug, planted from seed and fenced my first ever garden. I had lots of helpers. Kaitlyn, Eva, Noah, Jesse R, Michael and Matt G to name a few. It's doing even better than I had hoped for a first time, wing it, garden. Rather than write about it here is a photo story of our humble garden.

Red beets, lemon basil, red basil, strawberry bush and onions.
Fresh picked for dinner!

From the bushel to the table.


  1. beautiful broccoli...so jealous! I am adding broccoli to our garden next year;) alexander says we should have a farm by next year...he's ambitious

  2. haha, way to go alexander. i want a farm in my backyard. its so big. i could EASILY have chickens, rabbits for meat, a goat for milk and still room to plant and play. darn ordinances!! what has become of your garden? i didn't notice it today.