Friday, August 5, 2011

Puttin' the Kids to Work!

This week I put my three year olds to work! Well, kind of. :) We went blueberry picking and on this day I realized that I have two very eager helpers.  Eva and Kaitlyn LOVED blueberry picking. They had fun choosing just the right ones and the satisfaction of being able to eat as many as they wanted once we had finished. Here are some photos of our adventure. We had the pleasure of picking with some of our very dear friends as well. :) Aside from the dehydration it was a blast!


  1. Looks so fun! There's no better way to teach kids about healthy living than making it into fun experiences for them! Your girls are so definitely has been hot for being outside harvesting though :)

  2. Thanks :) Having kids totally gives me an excuse to have more fun and do things like this.