Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worth growing

I know almost nothing about gardening. You plant it, you water it, you weed it, sometimes you pour sour raw milk on it, and if you have any, you can put compost on it. Thats all that I knew getting into my first garden. Its doing really well... and I can't really take any credit for it.
Side shoots after the center head was harvested.
I bought my seeds from this place,, they're the best organic/heirloom seeds you can buy. It may cost $2.50 a seed packet but when you consider how much you save planting your own produce at all, you realize its completely worth it. Several things that I planted have utterly failed.

Carrots: failure to sprout
Celery: failure to sprout
Peas: died slowly from the roots up
Bullnose Peppers: grew too slowly though we might have some harvest by fall
Lambs Lettuce: failure to sprout

Several other veggies that I planted are THRIVING!
Nutribud Broccoli: This stuff is delicious. The heads are large and tender. And it continues to produce lots of side shoots of additional florets. It is the best tasting broccoli I've ever had.
Shoots that grew faster than I thought! They're about 2 days away from being too far bloomed.
Heirloom Tomatoes: They told me at Lowes that my tomatoes wouldn't grow from seed and that I should get some starter plants as back up. My heirloom plants are wild, huge and filled with tomatoes, much more so than the started plants I purchased locally. They're still green, I'll let you know how they taste.
Lemon Basil: This herb is flavorful and great in everything from white wine sauces to smoothies. I pruned it aggressively and it has thrived. Tomorrow morning we're having strawberry/lemon basil smoothies for breakfast, you need to try one!
Red Beets: Haven't eaten yet but they're doing well! The greens on them are also very sweet and slightly beet tasting. I'm going to put them on sandwiches this week.

There are other things growing nicely but these are the ones which have failed most epicly or thrived most beautifully.
VERY ready side shoots.
Next summer you really should plant some of these broccoli seeds. I can't even keep up with how fast they're producing now.

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