Thursday, April 19, 2012

One for the books!

Today was a day of doing. A day I want to look back and say to my kids, "hey I survived motherhood, you will too!"

We were all (almost all kids) showered, fed real food, home-schooled, I did ALL the dishes (by hand, you see Satan has sent rodents as predator drones to destroy our infrastructure continually), Michael tilled the garden, I laid new landscaping fabric out front and spread mulch, we read a bedtime story, sang "there is a redeemer" three times and I didn't lose my temper with the kids once.

Days like these are unheard of, like a hopeful dream of a dream. I even brushed my teeth before noon!

We also bought two apple trees to start a mini orchard. I even had a dear friend stop by for coffee. Thank God for days like these to hold onto when we feel like we're failing and drowning in the continuous cycle of life and the children/house/spouse needs.

Its only 9:20, I've already eaten my dinner and it was even grass-fed beef. My husband forgot to put baby spinach on my girls sandwiches and when they were finished eating they realized his folly and asked for some to eat ala carte. LOVE those kids!

They also ate dirt today, K was using dirt as "pretend toothpaste," way to be creative K.

Now its time for herbal tea and newborn nursing.

Thank you Lord for such a sweet, productive day.

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