Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Made Raw Butter!

Tasting at the whipped cream stage
A few days ago the kitchen was clean, the cream had separated from the milk and E and K helped me make raw butter from tasty and nutritious grass fed milk. It was so easy.

The girls helped me pour off the milk and put the cream into our blender.

We blended on high until the butterfat separated from the buttermilk.

 Then poured off the buttermilk and saved it in a mason jar for making some tasty sprouted spelt pancakes. Then we added cold water to the blender and put it back on high for a minute, drained and rinsed the butter again. This helps it last longer in the fridge.

The end result... smooth delicious butter that tastes better than the expensive Icelandic butter we usually buy and two little girls who were so proud to share their butter with Daddy when he finished working.
Better than store bought!

This was a lousy tutorial but there are wonderfully detailed instructions here: 

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