Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost a Homestead

My hands are sore as I write this but I am so happy! I discovered today that I have little zucchini growing! And that I have four muskmelon plants growing when I thought they were all zucchini! Awesome! Sorry, gardening gets me excited. :)


We planted our kentucky wonder beans with the corn, so it can climb up as a natural trellis and its working like a charm. I can't speak highly enough of Terrior Seeds. I don't think I'm that good at growing things, it has to be the seeds. Heirloom and open pollinated. I'm happy and the masses of bees in my yard are too. No sign of colony collapse at my house.

The kids are getting excited. Soon we should be eating peas, we've been enjoying lettuce. Some friends have tomatoes growing already, I'll admit I'm jealous but mine will be coming in their own time.

Corn is taller than the kids!
I've got a large pot of valerian growing out front. Its a perennial herb commonly used in tinctures to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness. The roots are harvested once a year. Pretty excited about that. Its best to combine it with other herbs but in time I'll have all that I need for a soothing tincture. It blooms with pink and white flowers which will be nice. I am trying to plant food and medicine instead of regular shrubbery and flowers. 

Sunflowers, lettuces, peas, red beets, carrots
I planted echinacea, calendula and sage as a border around our house in the backyard and strawberries in the front, along with my zucchini and melons. For good measure we planted two dwarf apple trees and three blueberry bushes this summer. In the fall I will transplant wild raspberry bushes from my parents property and put them in the back corner of the yard. I love producing as much of my own food as possible. Now ALL I NEED ARE CHICKENS and maybe a goat. Homestead, half way there!

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