Monday, September 3, 2012

Growing and Drying Your Own Herbs

Greek oregano, chamomile, thai basil

Growing and drying your own herbs for winter use is really simple and rewarding.
This summer we grew: parsley, thai basil, greek oregano, chamomile, lavender and cilantro. Some of these are growing like wild and others just growing enough for typical fresh usage. For the ones growing wild I've been harvesting and drying them.
Oregano, basil, chamomile and even lavender can easily be dried by cutting the plants with some of the stem attached and tying them together in a garland and then hanging them to dry. Really. That's all you do. The other night I strung up my oregano and basil then hung it in the kitchen to dry for just over a week.

Watching hulu and semi-homesteading, irony?
I am now storing it in my old store bought, glass, spice jars that I've washed. Yay, recycling! Just one oregano plant is enough to eat, cook with and dry an entire jar's worth of herb.
Growing your own is already great because the fresh herbs are so darn tasty and cheaper than store bought. But, when you start to dry and save your own, you enter into new territory of frugality and awesomeness. It's just so easy. Have you dried your own herbs before? How did you do it?

Of course, my favorite things to grow are happy kids. :) 

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