Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Trip to Ming Yip, Traditional Chinese Medicinalist

Goosey and I got really sick a little while back. We were exposed to mold, which we are very allergic to. I took her to the pediatrician who said she was fine but maybe had an ear infection. This child was not fine, she was wheezing and coughing and sad. I was even worse. My lungs closed and tightened nearly to the point where I couldn't breathe.
My husband and parents were out of town so I was on my own to survive. The night that I started having breathing troubles things got bad quickly. I was at my parents house and didn't have any of my own herbs or oils to use to help me out and I had no one to watch the kids so I could go to the ER. Thankfully, I grew up studying martial arts that encouraged mindful breathing, I also gave birth naturally twice, which requires a lot of controlled breathing. If I could normally breathe in 2 "gallons" of air into my lungs, this night I was only able to take in half of a small water balloon. And every breathe hurt.
Not lookin' so good.

Once I put the kids to bed I made myself a sea salt bath to help get some magnesium into my body, magnesium is a bronchodilator and it helped some. After that I boiled cloves, lemon rind and cinnamon to make a steam bath for my face similar to "Thieves Oil." I ate cloves of garlic and drank tea. I woke many times through the night sucking air and literally praying for morning. I'm sure that these natural measures, and many prayers, got me through the night. At 9:00 in the morning my mother and father in law arrived to watch the kids so I could get medical treatment. Apparently my lungs were so tight that the doctor heard no wheezing or congestion upon her initial exam. I wasn't bringing in enough air to make anything rattle! After receiving one nebulizer treatment she was able to hear just how bad things were and suggested that I go to the hospital. No chance, my parents were still out of town, husband was out of town too and my in laws had family to pick up from the airport. Even my parents' neighbors we're out of town! I received another nebulizer treatment, was offered antibiotics and steroids, and again suggested that I go to the hospital.

I view taking anti-biotics like dropping a nuclear bomb on your body. Sure you'll wipe out the infection, but you destroy all of the infrastructure (beneficial gut flora) and weaken your immune system for a long time afterwards. Rebuilding after a nuke is not easy. But in my case, this was a reaction from mold, so antibiotics wouldn't have helped anyways. As for the steroids, I'm nursing Goosey and I didn't want any of that passing through my milk.

Ming Yip
I left the Urgi-Care with my own personal nebulizer and had some thinking to do. After a few days of minimal improvement I started to consider taking the steroids and making some raw milk baby formula ala the Weston A. Price Foundation for baby Goosey to hold her over while I took the drugs; but I really didn't want to do that. It was then that a friend suggested I see an acupuncturist for help. I had never been to one before but I have a general understanding of how it works, and its been proven to be successful in helping with various ailments in scientific studies so I decided to try it.

My wonderful dad, Goosey and myself went downtown and met with Bonnie, who is also an accredited practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She examined both Goosey and me then proceeded to give me my acupuncture treatment. I wasn't expecting it to hurt at all. I thought it'd feel nice, lol. It was pretty uncomfortable, but not terrible. Each needle was inserted into a specific point of my body and then flicked. Before being pulled out, each needle was twisted around. It sounds more painful than it was. The worst part was that Goosey had pooped and my dad didn't realize that was why she was screaming and crying the entire time Bonnie had the needles in me!

Bonnie expertly preparing our herbs.
My hope was that the acupuncture would help to electrically re-set my body to allow it to bring down the inflammation in my chest. As I laid on the bed praying and trying to relax, Bonnie prepared a custom blend of herbs for myself and Goosey. She measured out each ingredient and weighed it on a scale. I took comfort in her attention to detail. The practice of TCM brings many herbs together for a balanced effect. Carefully building a remedy for my specific needs as well as Goosey's.

Bitter and powerful herbs!
I took my herbs as directed and gave my precious baby daughter her's as well. I started to feel better the very next day. It took about a week but I saw marked improvement every day after I had the acupuncture and was taking my herbs. Goosey's wheezing went away as well as her cough. I have to give the credit to this treatment. I was a mess when I saw Bonnie at Ming Yip, but my healing started the momented I walked out the door.
Me and Goosey the day after we started our herbs.

God is so good. I'm thankful for the many ways He's given us to treat illnesses. For more information about Bonnie and her practice check out her website.

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