Monday, October 29, 2012

Probiotic Ranch Dressing

Sometimes a few paper plates slip into my house.
I adore ranch dressing. It's one of those comfort foods that you either love or hate. For me and my girls it's nothing but love. Sadly, the ranch dressings sold on store shelves taste awful and the ones at restaurants are still made with garbage like MSG and preservatives. Thus, I decided to make ranch dressing a super food instead of a guilty indulgence.

We have a steady stream of fresh kefir in our house, made from fresh raw milk. Making kefir is easy, fast, and the benefits of this probiotic beverage are enough to warrant another post on the subject. If you don't already have kefir fermenting on the counter you can use yogurt from pastured cows for some of the probiotic goodness. I actually used yogurt in this recipe today because my kefir turned into cheese from fermenting too close to the crock pot. It was equally delicious!

Kefir Ranch Dressing

1/2 cup fresh kefir
1/2 cup of good quality mayonaise (The only mayo I could get was made with canola oil, which is not a health food, but it was a sacrifice I had to make. Progress, not perfection here. Sometimes I don't have time to make every condiment. Read The Great Con-ola)
3 TBSP Penzeys Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning (I love Penzys spices. They are free of fillers and preservatives.)

1. Whisk the kefir and mayonaise together.
2. Add seasoning and whisk together.
3. Apply liberally to salads and enjoy!
4. Keeps for about a week, but it will never last that long.

My children and I enjoyed this dressing so much that we ate chicken salads three times in one week! You will love how good this tastes and how easy it is to throw away store bought ranch for good.

Part of Thank Your Body Thursday

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