Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Poo Method Weeks Two and Three

Hey Friends! I'm sorry that I'm a week behind on updating about my no shampoo journey. Something about Christmas, preparing traditional foods and oh yes, four children, have been taking up a lot of my time! That said, I think the honeymoon is over for me and the baking soda/vinegar.

Week Two

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In week two my hair started to adjust in some unexpected ways. I noticed dandruff! I've never in my life had dandruff unless you count the times I used "big sexy hair" spray. Haha. Now, I don't wash my hair every day, even if I wanted to, which I don't, I have no time for it. I think I noticed the dandruff on day two, washed it that night and it cleared up the next day. I also noticed that the baking soda has a bit of a drying effect whereas the vinegar tends to add shine... or a greasy look. This method is going to take a bit of intuition and grace to get it just right. I find my hair is feeling a bit chalky at the roots, even though it looks good.

At the end of week one I also started a rosemary infusion of vinegar for my hair. It should be ready by week four. Rosemary is generally good for hair and I like the smell of it. Salad head here I come!

Week Three

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By week three I was starting to get a bit of my groove back. I like to go three days between washing my hair, at least when using conventional products, and thats not advisable with this no poo method. Right now my hair is fluctuating between feeling pretty good, pretty gunky, or pretty greasy. I've done a bit of reading and I think hardwater may be to blame. Last night I used only vinegar to rinse it and the result isn't great. I think I look fine, I mean I can pull off the slightly greasy hippie mom look, but it's not ideal. I'm going to try a bit of troubleshooting by using distilled water to wash my hair over the next few days. But I realize that this isn't practical. I may have to look into other natural and inexpensive hair care routines. I'm not willing to give up on no-poo yet though!


Another thing that I've been pondering is what is my hair actually supposed to feel and look like? Grass fed beef is natural and tastes pretty different from corn fed, the same is true for raw milk and fermented foods. They're all natural, the way things ought to be, and sometimes take a while to get used to. What is my hair supposed to feel like? Obviously walking around as cavewoman-mom with dreads isn't a good option. I wonder what the balance is.


Use essential oils as fragrance.

My hair has always smelled like something. Most shampoos and conditioners contain perfumes; it's a little weird having unscented hair. I don't believe it smells bad, and none of my friends or husband have complained, but I like having scented hair. To remedy this I've started taking an essential oil bottle and just brushing it against my hair and through it before I go out. Don't actually drip it anywhere, just brush it through your hair. My favorite oils are orange and lavender depending on my mood. I find orange invigorating and lavender grounding.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

Try vinegar and baking soda separately.

When your hair is looking dry, try just vinegar, or vinegar infused with your favorite herbs. Conversely, try just baking soda when it's looking too oily. There seems to be a tenuous balance.

Don't go back to shampoo yet!

Using conventional shampoo even once will strip your hair of its natural oils and you'll be back at day one! Stick it out a little longer.

Your feedback

How is your natural haircare journey going? I love reading your thoughts!

Until next time may grace and peace be yours in abundance!

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  1. I think it's great that you are trying a new approach to hair care :) I would love to have you share your experiences on Wildcrafting'd fit right in!

  2. I'm on the "NO POO" journey with you. I started last week & have washed my hair twice with baking soda & vinegar. My scalp is much less snowy now, though I will soon add rosemary as well to aid in health benefits. My hair is usually light & flyaway after washing with "POO", I prefer no poo!

  3. I've been poo-free for a few months now without a problem. I love it because it makes my semi-wavey hair more evenly waved but I dont know why. It's also easier to style, like it's not so slippery, has more grip. With poo, it had so many different textures: wavey and coarse in parts, fine and straight in others, so it looked stringy even in a ponytail.