Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Poo Week Four and Beyond

No poo week 6
I am wrapping up the series on the baking soda and vinegar hair washing method. The end result: happiness and money saving. I have figured out that my hair only needs a vinegar rinse once a week, more than that makes it too conditioned aka greasy. I can wash every other day and smell clean too. :) I can honestly say that if you stick with it you'll be happy that you did. I hate posting all kinds of photos of myself but as you can see my hair looks nice, not greasy, heavy or dry. I wish I could have taken better photos but I only have a few seconds to snap my iPhone here and there!

If you're new and curious about this method here are the previous posts on washing with only baking soda and vinegar: Week One, Weeks Two and Three

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