Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Five Year Old's Response to Coke Ad

Unless you live under a rock you've probably seen the "controversial" Coca Cola commercial featuring America the Beautiful sung in many languages. I do kind of live under a rock and only saw the ad this morning when a friend posted this article that highlights the amazingly angry response viewers had. After watching it I showed my children, who live in a rural small town, without a television set, and asked what they thought. Here is the response of my five year old twins, to a song about America being sung in languages other than English:

What do you think of this commercial?

E: I like it.

K: I like their singing.

Did you notice that they sang about America in different languages?

K: Yes.

E: I didn't notice too much.

How do you feel about them singing in their own language?

E: Its nice. Some people speak different languages. I think its really cool.

K: Yeah, all languages are really neat.

Why do you think all of those people were not speaking English?

E: Maybe something bad happened in their old country, thats why they came here. And now they love America too.

How do you think God feels about all different people coming to America?

K: I think He feels happy, and I think its nice that they come to America. America is an amazing place.

Why do you think other people didn't like the singing in other languages?

K: Maybe because they don't love Jesus, maybe because they don't love anyone but themselves and their [own] friends. Which I don't like, because I don't think thats nice of them.

E: Because maybe they don't like other languages, maybe they only like their own. They should like other languages. They can't just care about themselves.

I'm not despairing at the hate of many because many more of my generation are raising bright, loving children, who view all of God's people as the same. Human beings, who are only made more beautiful by their unique differences, and all lovingly made by their Creator for fellowship with Him.

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